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How was your weekend? Mine was fun! I finally felt well enough to get some much-needed errands done. I also went to a really funny (read: adult humor) holiday play. The dress was casual, and for my hair, I wanted some everyday looks. I used a few fun tools that I recently purchased at Walmart:

Because I #HeartMyHair, I got the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret®
and Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer.


How To: Thanksgiving Makeup (All Drugstore)


Happy weekend! What! I'm mixing it up and doing a post on a Saturday! It's an annual tradition for me to do a look for Thanksgiving. It's my Mama's favorite holiday, so I always want to look nice. I mix it up the looks every year, and I decided to use only drugstore makeup for this version. And there's a video to show you how.

Can't see? Try here: http://youtu.be/ngYeg6H-kHQ 

In the video, I did my foundation first (because c'mon, who needs to see me without foundation for majority of the video?) but normally I do my eyes first. Here's what I used:

  • L'Oreal Pore Vanisher (see review here). For pics, I use the Miracle Blur to give me that airbrushed look and hide any imperfections.
  • L'Oreal True Match (best for dry skin and applied with beautyblender...watch video for a demo)
  • Sonia Kashuk concealer palette
Onto the eyes--my fave part! I used two palettes here, but really both aren't needed.
  • Maybelline Designer Chocolates
  • Wet N Wild Knock on Wood
  • Sonia Kashuk pen liner
  • ELF eyelid primer
  • Maybelline Brow Drama (review here)
  • Covergirl Flamed Out mascara (tutorial here)
I've got a closeup so you can see the shades a little better.
  • I applied the ELF primer--see more reviews on primers here--because I have veins on my lids and since I'm doing this purple-mauve-cranberry color, I don't want to enhance them.
  • Using a flat shader brush, I applied that shimmery mauve color on my lids.
  • In the crease, using a crease brush, I applied the brown. I blended it out using a fluffy brush.
  • Using the brown from the WNW palette, I applied it in the outer corner with a crease brush and blended it with the fluffy. 
  • I smudged that dark brown under my lower lashes using a pencil brush.
  • Next was eyeliner on my upper lash line and mascara.
Here are the brushes I used:
  • Sigma E40
  • Sigma E35
  • Sigma E60
  • Sigma E30
  • BeautyBlender

Here are the eyes (before the liner and mascara)--it's a still from the video, so the quality isn't the best, but it was the only pic that turned out! #bloggerprobs

I sometimes use powder and sometimes I don't, since I have dry skin. I used ELF HD powder and then applied Maybelline Master Glaze Blush in Mauve. Dry skin will love this since it gives such a natural flush. For lips, I used Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 107. It's a matte color between red and berry--that's the best way to describe it. This is my second tube of it. Oh, and if you like red lipsticks, I've got a post coming soon on my fave ones.

And here's the final look! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, tell me your plans!

PS: Thanks everyone for your comments on this post! I was really surprised at the support and glad y'all laughed at me as much as I did!

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J.Jill at Avalon (Plus Giveaway!)

Last week I had the privilege to check out the J.Jill store and view their November collection at the new Avalon shopping center just outside of Atlanta. And y'all let me you--this place is gorgeous. But let me back up a bit--have you heard of J.Jill? They're a clothing store for all women that's not exclusive to Atlanta: J.Jill is for all women. They have clothing, accessories, and footwear, and view fashion with a relaxed approach to style.

The design concept of this new J.Jill store is simple: to uncomplicate the lives of women by delighting their sense of personal style, inspiring confidence, and thoughtfully guiding their shopping experience.

I absolutely love that. 

I'm crazy busy and leave shopping for clothes at the bottom of my to-do list, because it's something I don't enjoy doing, believe it or not. I know a lot of you feel that way too. But my experience at shopping at J.Jill has changed that.  It was so easy, with a welcoming, engaging staff. I wasn't stressed, I didn't feel pressured...and it felt so personalized.

I love how to store is easily laid out--the mannequins have the styles on and the table with those items is right in front of you--no searching around. Again, the staff is super helpful, and the dressing room features those basic items that you need to style on with the pieces you choose (think basics, like button up white shirt, black skirt, tights, etc).

I also love how each store works with a different charity. To celebrate the opening, J.Jill will be making donations to their Alpharetta-based Compassion Fund Partner: Atlanta Center for Self-Sufficiency. When I visited the store, I got to learn more about this and think it's a wonderful, helpful idea, just like the J.Jill philosophy. Programs like these focus on skills, education, and transitional means to help disadvantaged and homeless women to become self-sufficient.

But let's go back to the clothes--J.Jill features styles that are comfortable and that are made for real life. like this cozy and stylish sweater and tights. It's not often that I can find clothes that work for my day job as a nanny--where I run after two little girls (ages 5 and 8 months) for around 12 hours a day. And J.Jill has clothes that can carry me through blogging events I might have at night, or for meeting up with friends. There is truly something for all women, including petites, tall, and women's sizes (available online).

Check out J.Jill on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

What items would you like to try from J.Jill? Cozy sweaters? Stylish tights? Let me know in the comments section below for a chance to win a $100 J.Jill gift card!

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On Why I'll Never Be A Cool Blogger

To be read with a sense of humor. :)

I was having a discussion with a new acquaintance, and as those things go, the topic of employment came up. I mentioned I'm a nanny and a beauty blogger. And once I explained what a blogger is, specifically a beauty one, I got asked about the name of my blog.

"Elle Sees...I've never heard of it."

To which I awkwardly blurted out, "It's because I'm not cool."

Let me explain. Yes, it's true and I'm convinced it's why I don't have more followers, despite the beauty knowledge I have. Today I'm sharing 100% TRUE STORIES that have happened to me at blogging events:

Cool bloggers are young, gorgeous, and are a size negative 0. They often are found holding Starbucks (I need some as I write this), wearing an expensive ensemble, and looking slightly to the left with a mischievous smile. They look like they just came from a magazine editorial shoot (they probably did). I am in awe. Cue amazing hair flip:

Then there's me. I arrive about an hour late to the event because of my day job. Usually I have to change my pants and shoes in the car. I always wear black pants because they're great at hiding stains. Everything is from Old Navy or Target--no fancy expensive stuff here. Today, I brought burgundy pants (#trendy color for fall) and actually have time to change in a public restroom. I get the pants on and then slip on the wet floor from a leaky toilet. I now have black wet spots on the back of my burgundy pants. I want to hide. I instead immediately tell everyone on Facebook:

I have also slipped and fallen during the local news before. #sexy
I have baby food on my shirt. I find a leaf in my hair from playing outside with the 5 year old--remove. I find Legos in my purse--keep. I want to leave. I take a deep breath since I have social anxiety, and walk in, failing at not looking nervous:

There's a wardrobe malfunction coming. Keep reading.

I have Resting B**** Face, so I smile at all times not to look mean and look approachable (if we meet in person, please talk to me! I swear I'm nice). Sometimes I'll instantly see other bloggers I am friends with to talk to. If not, someone usually comes up to me and introduces herself. She tells me her blog name and I recognize her, but once she says she loves my blog and that she follows me on Instagram, I get embarrassed, I can't remember anything, and I always blank out (with a smile):

Oh, and all conversations with people always happen when I am eating, so I try to be cool but realize later that I look like this:

Hi, I'm Elle.
There's a celeb guest that comes up to me. I have the craziest celeb encounters. When I get 2000 followers, I'll tell you my Lil Wayne story. Anyway, I try to make small talk and attempt to take a bite of my dessert with powdered sugar, which I end up somehow blowing all over her like this:

I've also had food go flying and drinks spill on others. Let's skip ahead. It's now nearing the end of the night. I'm in a group of fellow bloggers and it's going well. I'm actually talking! I think they like me! I'm spouting off my best beauty tips, proving my beauty knowledge, that I'm legit. And then I look down and see this:

Yes, all of the following have happened to me mid-conversation: cupcake icing in hair, food in teeth, lost earring, broken nail, necklace breaking in half, double-stick tape exposed, double-stick tape in my hair, things popping out, body parts revealing themselves, and the worst--my period starting right then and there. I'll definitely never be a cool blogger, but at least I can laugh at myself. That's cool, right? And my hair and makeup will be on point!

And who knows, maybe one day I'll walk in and look like this:

Hi. I'm Elle.


DIY: Frosted Cranberry Scrub

Stop! First up--before you skip to the comments, let me remind you of 3 current giveaways I have going on that are easy-peasy to enter (just click the links):

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And now back to the post:

In theory, the holidays are supposed to be a joyous, thankful, and holy time, but unfortunately it's not the case all of the time. Thanksgiving dinner has to be cooked (I am in charge of making ice! ha!), presents have to be wrapped for Christmas, and there's family to deal with. Ah, yes, a joyous time like I was saying. But seriously, all of that stress isn't a help for your skin. Today I've got a scrub that will give softer, glowing skin and takes a minute to make. Cranberries are a Thanksgiving staple, so take a few from the bag and make this gentle scrub.

You will need:
  • handful of frozen cranberries
  • handful of plain oatmeal, uncooked
  • 1/2 tsp sweet almond oil (or fave facial oil of your choosing)
  • blender and spoon
You will:
  • Place everything in the blender (I use a clean coffee grinder since this is such a small amount) and blend until a thick paste consistency. You might need to add more/less oatmeal.
  • Rub the scrub onto your face in circular motions for around a minute. Since the cranberries are frozen, this feels so cooling and wonderful.
  • Carefully rinse away and follow with your favorite moisturizer.

  • Cranberries help give that glowing skin, the oil moisturizes, and the oatmeal is a gentle scrub.
  • Feel free to skip the oil if you'd like or replace it with honey.
  • If you don't have sensitive skin, I suggest cornmeal--this is what I usually choose (I know this isn't a staple in everyone's pantry, so oatmeal works). Sugar works well too, but I like that better on the body.
  • This is enough for a single serving, but feel free to make more and keep for up to a week or two in the fridge.
  • Avoid the eye area and avoid if allergic.
  • More ideas:

PS: To thank you for reading my blog, I've got 3 giveaways! Hurry and enter!

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  2. Bare Minerals Holiday Brush set
  3. $100 Visa giftcard (thanks Mary Kay)


Merry Berry Makeup

I've already started receiving my invites to holiday parties! And I've been planning outfits, and of course, playing around with makeup looks. Today I'm sharing a Merry Berry look--think silver smokey eyes and shiny berry lips. Let me just show you:

 And I created this using products from Mary Kay®. Here's what you'll need:
  • Mary Kay® Brushes
  • Mary Kay® Mascara
  • Mary Kay® Blush
  • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color – Granite 
  • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color – Moonstone
  • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color – Coal 
  • Mary Kay® Eyeliner - Black 
  • Mary Kay® Lip Liner - Plum 
  • Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss - Sparkle Berry 
Let's start with the eyes:
First of all, the shadows and blush fit right into the compact, making application easy, and great for travel, too.


New Makeup, Holiday Collections, Holiday Palettes & Giveaway!

Hey you! Happy weekend to us! I hope you have some amazing plans. I'm still trying to get over this cold--I am so behind on comments and will be spending the weekend catching up. I hope you catch up on my posts--I've got some good ones. But today's post is making me really excited because it's all NEW makeup! New brands, new collections, new holiday collections, and new holiday palettes--I can't wear to share! All products shown were sent for consideration.
Yes, there is more than lip gloss here to comment on--
you gotta click to SEE MORE!


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