How To: Blake Lively Sexy Bedhead Using Velcro Rollers

Do y'all remember last week's post when I talked about fall hair trends? I know, it was a week ago, so click here to refresh your memory. I asked y'all to choose the look you'd like to see a tutorial on, and this was the look with the most votes! Today I'm showing you how to get Blake Lively's sexy bed head using velcro rollers

1, 2, 3

Can we just talk about how gorgeous her hair is? She's one of my top hair-spiration sources. But you wouldn't believe how easy this hairstyle is to achieve. Instead of using a curling iron, I thought I would mix it up and use velcro rollers. These provide amazing volume and a slight curl--perfect for that "I woke up like this" bedhead.

You'll need--
  • velcro rollers
  • hair clips
  • comb
  • hair product of choice
  • heat protectant
  • hair spray
  • texturizing product
  • brush (if needed)
How To:
-I'm starting with washed hair. While damp, I applied my hair product of choice--I usually apply something to help with frizz. A curling mousse or volumizing product might be more your style.
-Once hair is about 70-80% dry, I'll roll my hair. I used really large ones for volume and used smaller ones on the sides for curl. Velcro rollers can be purchased online, at beauty supply stores, drugstores, and box stores (Target, etc).

-I rolled hair under and secured the roller with a clip. Feel free to experiment on the rolling direction to give you the results you want. I started at my roots first and went down the back and then rolled the sides, as pictured below:

-I did this super fast, because I'm always in a hurry. Please enjoy my messy, crazy rollers-in-hair face. Oh, and note Charlie's toys piled over there on your right.

-Now you have a few options. You can let your hair air dry, but I prefer a little heat. You can blast it with the hair dryer until your hair is dry. But I chose to bust out my dryer cap. Just stuff your hair under there, attach it to your hair dryer, and heat things up. This takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes. I got mine at Sally Beauty Supply--they have a couple of options, and you can use the dryer cap for conditioning treatments in addition to the intended dryer function.

-Once hair has dried, let it completely cool down before taking it out of the rollers. Since I'm going for a messy texture, I don't use a brush, just my fingers to comb through it.

-To finish this hair, it's going to need some texture. Some options (choose one): beachy waves spray (gives it a bit of a crunchy feel), texturizing paste (for that piecey look), dry shampoo (blast in roots for more volume and then use what is left on your hands to go through your hair, like pictured above), or texturizing powder.

-I tapped the powder in my palm, rubbed my palms together and then dispensed the product through my roots and hair, as pictured above. Finish with hair spray and you're set!

-Tips: To extend the hair style, I sleep on a satin pillowcase--something I've mentioned many times before on the blog. I also use dry shampoo to help with decrease volume.

Want to see this tutorial in action? I made a video just for you (complete with awkward dancing, because that's just who I am) showing how I did this! Check it out below (and subscribe to my channel, if you'd like):


Guest Post by The Grits Blog: 10 Beauty Myths

Today I'm pleased to introduce Ash from The Grits Blog. I love how her blog has a little bit of everything--just what you need to make me a daily reader! You're going to love her and her post today. Don't forget to stop by her blog!

Oh hey! I am Ash! I write The Grits Blog. It's about all things crack, diets gone wrong, and hair teasin' tutorials. I am sharing ten of the most common beauty myths. I hope I see you over at my neck o' the woods - just click right here and I will see ya there!


Quick & Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes (Using Just Makeup)

lazy girl costumes

Hey you! How was your weekend? Mine was super busy. I feel like I need another few days off. Speaking of busy, Halloween is this Friday! I know, I can't believe how fast this month has flown by either.

There are some of us who plan out Halloween costumes months in advance, and then there are those that it just creeps up on us. Before you know it, your better half is reminding you of the Halloween party at his work, or the kids are asking you to dress up with them, or you forgot you needed a costume for Halloween at work.  So instead of scrambling for the last costume remaining at the picked-over Halloween store, try these easy last minute costumes. They use makeup (no brushes! Just Q-Tips!) and take only minutes. They're not gory or scary, and are really easy. Promise.

Q-Tips sent me a makeup case full of everything I needed to create these looks, as well as some ideas. I had so much fun and thanks Q-Tips for the goodies! I chose to do these two looks and used these pics as my inspiration:

Fierce Feline
Time: 5 minutes
  • Black eyeliner (I used liquid)
  • White shadow
  • False lashes (optional)
  • Q-tips (I used the Precision Tips)
  • Lipstick
  • Cat ears
So the trick or treaters are coming in five minutes and you need a quick outfit: enter Fierce Feline
-I used liquid liner and applied it to my upper and lower lids, really exaggerating it, and making that feline shape. I used the Q-tips to smudge the lower lash line.
-I added a bit of liner to my nose and slightly under it.
-Next, I added some white shadow using the Q-tips to make whiskers.
-I then added lipstick and false lashes.
-I finished the look with cat ears--I totally borrowed them from a certain 5 yr old (no shame), but these can be purchased at the dollar store or DIYed in minutes with black paper, glue, and a headband or hair clips.
-I also wore black jeans, black shirt, and black shoes.
-Not into the cat look? Try mouse, bunny, raccoon, etc. instead.

Cute and quick!
Pop Art Princess
Time: 10-15 min 
  • Red lip liner or lipstick
  • White shadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Q-tips (I used the Precision ones)
  • False lashes (optional)
  • Yellow wig (optional)
Want a look that has impact and looks like it took forever to do but it only takes minutes? Try this Pop Art Princess costume:

-I took the lip liner and applied dots in a slight diagonal pattern on my face. No lip liner? Use a Q-Tip dipped in red lipstick instead. Don't forget your neck as well. I skipped my hands, but you can do those if you'd like.
-I applied black liner to fill in my brows, my upper and lower lashes, around my lips, and in the places shown to create shadows.
-Then I applied some white shadow (not cream, use powder) using Q-tips to smudge around my eyes, under my "new" eyebrows, and a little on my lips.
-I added false lashes and a yellow wig I got for around $10, but you can also use yellow hairspray for around $5. Or, you can go without a wig like the model is pictured in the inspiration pic. When I wear this for Halloween, I'll wear a dress to complete the look.

Boom! Lightening-fast costume!

What are you (or your kids) dressing as for Halloween?
Which look would you try?

PS: I was featured over at PopSugar Beauty! Go see what post they loved here.


How To: Zooey Deschanel Makeup, Hair, Outfit

I don't think a month goes by that I don't get a request for a tutorial on Zooey Deschanel's hair and makeup. And the last time I did a tutorial on her was two or three years ago (featuring some horrible camera phone pics in a dark bathroom...my, how I've upgraded), so I thought it was time for an update. Plus, Halloween is next week and this would make an easy last-minute costume idea. Let's get started:


Face Masques 101

When I think of Halloween, masks come to mind, but not everyone is into Halloween. But facial masks? Everyone is into that kind, right? And today I'm peeling away (pun intended) the mystery of masks.  Keep reading:

Types of Face Masks:
  • Peel Off--These are generally gel-based and draw out impurities in the skin. Freeman makes a classic Cucumber one that is inexpensive and adored by many. Note: these are different from chemical peels.
  • Clay--Oily skin will love most clay masks (there are around a dozen different types of clay). I suggest to not let it set longer than 15 min. as there is no need to wait until the masque cracks. Queen Helene's famous Mint Julep masque is an affordable one that's been around for over 60 years. These are sometimes referred to as "mud masks."
  • Creams and Gels--Usually for providing hydration, these masks are very thick and must be rinsed away. First Aid Beauty has a 10 Minute Fix that works miracles. 
  • Sheet--Also known as a paper mask (and great for freaking out kids and/or animals) these come with the liquid treatment built right in. I have found most of these to be pricey--I love this Le Mieux one--but Target has a decent option. You can buy these dry and then make your own treatments to soak in the mask--see here. These can be made with various softer fibers, resembling cloth, or a sturdier mask. Most are not reusable.
  • Charcoal--This is a "newer" type of ingredient used, and it is for helping with oily skin.
  • DIY--You know it wouldn't be a mask post if I didn't mention my DIY recipes--I've got hundreds of them! But the best diy mask that really works is just plain Greek yogurt. It's nice for sunburns too. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse away.
types of masks

  • These vary from moisturizing, helping with acne, drawing out impurities, controlling oil, sun damage (dark spots), brightening, anti-aging, you name it, and there is probably a mask for it.

Masks? Masque?
  • Either is fine--I've found more people Google "masks" than "masques" and I use both terms on the blog. "Masque" just sounds fancier, right?
One Size Fits All?
  • We've all seen it: a pic of the cliche example of someone with a green mask. Sure, it looks funny, but chances are that mask is a clay one, and isn't the best choice for every skin type. Check the type of mask to make sure it could work for you.
  • Also, check the ingredients. It might have cute packaging, but look out for ingredients that can break you out or cause irritation. Or maybe there are chemicals that you aren't into. Do a patch test first, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Don't forget a masque is not a scrub. Some, like self-heating masks might require you to activate with water.
How To Use:
  • Follow the instructions. Some masks show instant results, and others will need to be used more often. 
  • Also, some require additional steps. For example, maybe your rinse-away mask needs to be followed up with a moisturizer. Or maybe once you remove the sheet mask you don't need to wash your face.
  • There's no need to use a mask all over your face, especially if you have combo skin. If possible, apply the mask to the area(s) that need it. You'll lessen your chances of a breakout or irritation. Example: I have dry skin, but my nose can get oily and I have areas of deep pores. I can use a clay masque on the areas that need it. The same goes for dry patches that need moisture.
More Masks?
  • Don't forget masks for hair, feet, neck, hands, and decolletage can be purchased or made as well! 


5 Pumpkin Beauty DIYs


Yes. I admit it. I love pumpkins. I'm that girl. Blame it on being an October baby, but I love almost all things pumpkin. I collect them, do nails inspired by them, and even create beauty DIYs using them. I've got 5 I've shared in past posts. Just click the title of the DIY to see more!


5 Hair Trends for Fall


So recently I shared some of my favorite makeup trends for fall. I just had to follow it up with some trends for fall hair, right? Put on your coziest sweater, throw on a scarf, pour a mug of pumpkin something, and let's check out some gorgeous hair inspiration for fall:


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